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Hamad Al-Aufi Accountants and Chartered Auditors License No. (264)

Hamad Al-Aufi Accountants and Chartered Certified Public Accountants and advisers to submit this simplified definition of the activities and services provided by the Office as one of the offices of the National Legal Accounting and Auditing specialized in the following areas:

1. Accounting and Auditing Services.

2. financial and management consulting services commensurate with the nature of the size of the facility.

3. The translation services.

4. Develop the organizational and administrative structures and supervision.

5. Develop a system of internal control and supervision.

6. Develop an integrated system of warehouses and supervision.

7. Develop an integrated system of costs according to the stages of the production lines and supervision.

8. To prepare economic feasibility studies.

9. do follow-up work to the classification of government departments and helping to reply to inquiries received about it.

10. Presentation of Financial Statements after the ratification of the branches of the Department of Zakat and Income Riyadh and abroad and the follow-up to extract the Zakat certificate and final restricted according to the client (and be a separate letter).